Ensuring quality education, Birendra Namuna Campus (BNC) prepares highly important and efficient human resouces capable of providing contribution to the development of the nation and preparing to overcome very new challenges occuring in their carreer.


Focusing to create easy assess to educational opportunities that respond to the needs of poor, dalit woman and educationally disadvantaged students, Birendra Namuna Campus (BNC) is committed to produce highly qualitative, skillful and globally competent professionals with the help of advanced technology and research-based academic activities.


The goal of this five year plan will be to achive academic excellence through the market-driven and research oriented academic programms. The goals of the five year strategic plan will be :

– to establish it as a better and attractive centre for learning academic excellence.

– to construct a highly facilitated physical infrastructure.

– to increase the access of poor dalit woman and enducationally disadvantaged students in to this institute.

– to add academic professional programmes

– to upgrade the capability of the departments for quality education and extention.

– to strengthen human relationships with the community and stakeholders.

– to provide quality student services and support

– to improve the internal efficiency and effectiveness

– to add more faculties and programmes.


This Plan concentrates to achieve the following objectives :

– to strenthen internal management of the campus.

– to construct a well fecilitated academic building

– to collect fund from community people and stakeholders

– to improve Teaching Learning (TL) activities through sound classroom environment, internal examinations, co- curricular activities

– to conduct research-oriented classes and activities.

– to encourge students in micro-research works.

-to establish E-library

– to improve department activities

– to strenthen overall professional skills and efficiency of the teaching and non teaching staff.

– to conduct various campaigns to promote relationships with the community people and stakeholders.