Birendra Namuna Campus, established in 2063 is a non – profit making community led campus located at Jhapa district, far eastern part of Nepal. Jhapa district is in terai. It consists people of different classes, castes and ethnic groups having their own distinct customes and cultures. People living in this district have different occupations, business and industries as well. The income source of the majority of the people here is not so sound, however, the scenario of education throughout the district is very good. There are 20 secondary level schools in the catchment area of this campus and they are the feeders of this Birendra Namuna Campus. This campus stands for the easy access for those students who are from the remote villages, from backward society with poor, dalit, indigenous, marginalized and educationally disadvantaged community names of feeder villages like Jalthal, Rajgadh, Goldhap, Prithivinagar, Baniyani, Balubadi, Duwagadi, Garamani, Haldibari including some from neighbouring districts:(Ilam, Panchthar, Taplejung, Morang, Dhankuta) and also for those students who are finanacially unable to receive their higher education by going to distant colleges and spending good deal of money. So this campus is playing a vital role and serving as a milestone in bringing about changes in academic, social and economic dimension of Jhapa district.

Education always plays a prominent role in overall development of every nation. Higher level education is in fact necessary today to produce competent and skilled human resources capable of contributing in social and economic development of the nation.

It was fact that in this region, there was not any Education College for bachelor level. Most of the students especially girls, women and poor students completing their grade XII were financially and culturally unable to go to distant college for higher education. Among girls, women, the poor and dalits, leaving home for further higher education was unheard of.  It was out of imagination. Instead, they were forced for marriage untimely. Community people were also well-informed in it and they were feeling a need of an education campus in this locality to provide higher education. Realizing this fact in mind Birendra Namuna Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University was established before ten years in 2063BS (2006AD) with the support and co-operation of community people to provide quality education at the nominal fees. It is situated at Chandragadhi under Bhadrapur municipality, head quarters of Jhapa district. There are altogether 639 students studying in two faculties Education (including One Year B.Ed) and Management in bachelor levels. Among them 422 (66   %) are female and 217 (34 %) are male students. This Campus has 27 teaching staff and 6 non teaching staff. Currently, this campus doesnot have buildings of its own. Although the classes are being conducted hardly in some limited rooms provided by Birendra Secondary School, it has bouhgt 7 kathha 2.5 dhur land of its own and the construction of its campus building is underconstruction.