Message from Campus Chief

Birendra Namuna Campus (BNC), established in 2063 BS by the community at Chandragadi, the headquarters of Jhapa district, is a non-profit making community campus. The campus initiated its academic programmes by conducting Bachelor of Business Studies (B.B.S), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and One Year B.Ed. with the motto of imparting quality education to nurture the academic knowledge and skill and personal dream and aspiration of the students at affordable fees to motivate them to become better and globally qualified candidates. The campus, considering the need and demand of the community since its establishment has been delivering quality higher education to the students of its catchment area especially to those who are dalit, janjati, indigenous, female, and economically backward.

The campus is under QAA process after the ratification of LOI by University Grants Commission (UGC) . The campus, after being selected in HERP, is administering different programmes of the project. The plans and programmes of the campus are devised according to the long term goals and strategic plans as determined by the campus. We have vision to establish the campus as an enticing and reliable education hub to deliver global standard higher education by achieving QAA certificate in near future. In the present age of science and technology, its becomes necessary to communicate programess  and activities of any institution through modern information system. The campus, realizing the very need and importance of information system, has developed the website to transfer all the information’s of the campus  to the students, staffs, community and stakeholders

Finally, I would like to extend my congratulation to the entire pass out graduates of this campus. Similarly, my sincere thank goes to all the students, staffs, parents and community for their incredible faith and support for the campus.