Message from Chairman

It was fact that in this region, there was not any Education College for bachelor level. Most of the students especially girls, women and poor students completing their grade XII were financially and culturally unable to go to distant college for higher education. Among girls, women, poor and dalits, leaving home for further higher education were unheard of and out of imagination. Instead, they were forced for marriage untimely. Community people were also well-informed in it and they were feeling a need of an education campus in this locality to provide higher education. Realizing this fact in mind Birendra Namuna Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University was established in 2063 B.S. (2006 A.D.) with the support and co-operation of community people to provide quality education at the nominal fees. It is situated at Chandragadhi under Bhadrapur municipality, headquarters of Jhapa district. There are altogether 688 students studying in two faculties Education and Management in bachelor level. Among them 453      (65.84%) are female and 235 (34.16%) are male students. This Campus has 28 teaching staffs and 6 non teaching staffs. Currently, this campus does not have buildings of its own. Although the classes are being conducted hardly in some limited rooms provided by Birendra Secondary School, it has bought 7 kathha 2.5 dhur land of its own and the construction of its campus building is under construction.

In this modern era, the role, responsibility and scope of educational institutions is very extensive. Such institutions are not simply meant to conduct teaching learning activities, but they are evaluated on the basis of their product, their quality and their standard that is reflected by others. In this context BNC has commenced to maintain the individual profile of its pass out students as far as possible from the year 2066 B.S. By this institutional effort, it is hoped that the campus is certain to get numerous feedback so that it will help the campus to realize its social impact, quality standard and utilization of its product in the related fields.